A child whose parent has gone to prison is about 6X more likely to go to prison themselves.

4:13 Strong provides training, skills and job placement to equip fathers to break this cycle.

Fathers play a crucial role at home and in the community. Not having a father figure at home can create instability and behavioral issues for kids, and eventually contribute to the cycle of poverty and dependence.

4:13 Strong provides a lifeline to at-risk fathers who want to do things differently. Through our intensive 6-month residential program, we provide men with job training, life skills and job placement. Knowing how to provide for their families, save for the future and be a positive role model gives our men the confidence they need to step up and be there for their kids and families.

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Meet Devin, a young man who had every opportunity in front of him but found himself walking down the wrong path.

After having his son, he knew things had to change.

Devin has committed himself to becoming a better man through the 4:13 Strong program. His faith has deepened and he is excited about his future and the possibilities it holds.


“I hope my kids learn that a diligent work effort is required in order to succeed. I want to teach my kids to reach their fullest potential and succeed in life. Teach them discipline, to work hard, and most of all accepting God in their life.”


“I want my kids to learn how to be persistent in life and go after their goals. I want to teach my kids how to be leaders, strong-minded leaders. I believe my kids are the reason I decided to change my life.”

Help break the cycle of poverty and dependence. Support men working hard to be better fathers.