A Note from the President

It’s 6:30 am on the morning of the 4:13 Strong fundraising breakfast. The room is ready, the coffee urns are full, the caterers are setting up the breakfast buffet, and the rain is nice and steady. I have just about convinced myself that we will only have a dozen people show up for our breakfast and will need just two of the 25 tables that have been set.

As I do a final run-through of the slides we will be using for the program, there is one that really grabbed my attention. It is the slide that recognizes the companies who signed up to sponsor a table at the breakfast. Even though I had reviewed that slide at least 10 times in the past week, it was like I was just now seeing it for the first time. I started thinking about the people I know at each one of these companies, and that’s when it hit me…an incredible sense of peace. It was like God was reminding me in that moment that His hand was on 4:13 Strong.

When I finally took my place behind the podium on the stage and looked out at the audience, the room was full. I don’t think the rain or the long walk from the parking lot kept anyone away. There were a few people who looked like they had forgotten their umbrellas, but even they were smiling as we kicked off the program.

It was a great morning. We heard from 4:13 Strong guys, one of our Job Partners and Nashville’s Mayor Briley. But for me, the real highlight of the morning was the reminder of how many people and companies are supportive of the work we are doing at 4:13 Strong.

Each one of our Job Partners, Corporate Sponsors, donors and volunteers plays a critical role in making the 4:13 Strong program work. The transition into the work world and a new way of life is not an easy one for the 4:13 Strong guys, but your support makes it possible.

I am so thankful for the way you are supporting 4:13 Strong and the passion you have for seeing our guys succeed and helping make Nashville a better community for everyone.

Steve Norris

President, 4:13 Strong