StorIes of Strength

Keep up with the latest from 4:13 Strong and get to know the men building a bright future for themselves, their families, and our community.

All Things Are Possible

Peter was 25 when he enrolled in 4:13 Strong.  He grew up without very much stability.  He was homeless during much of his childhood, sometimes not even going to school. 

Little Victories

Johnny enrolled in 4:13 Strong in March, 2021.  He was looking for a fresh start.  He had been hospitalized for several months due to illness resulting from chemical addiction.  He

A Conversation with Lamar

  Spontaneously, we added a “conversation with Lamar” to the Day #3 of Mental Toughness Week schedule.  Lamar happened to be working in the neighborhood and stopped by to check in

Job Fair and Hope

  There were 10 companies in the construction industry that brought representatives to 4:13 Strong last week as part of a job fair to recruit seven men from the current

Building Hope

Marc is in his mid-twenties, has three children, and is in the 40 Day Challenge Phase at  4:13 Strong. He soaks up every opportunity to learn and grow…and last Friday’s

Men at Work!

This past week, five men completed the 40-Day Challenge with their construction certificates in NCCER Core, OSHA 10, and Aerial Lift. After a challenging training period where a number of