4:13 Strong Men Are Valuable Employees

We take employment opportunities seriously to ensure our guys can support themselves. When you hire one of our men, you hire us, too. That’s why a staff member lives on-site with our guys to help them every step of the way. From waking everyone up in the morning to providing transportation, training and a support system, we eliminate the risks associated with hiring someone you don’t know. Our men are:


Drug use is not tolerated during any time in our program, so we conduct drug tests on a regular basis to ensure our guys stay clean. When our Job Partners hire a 4:13 Strong participant, they know they are hiring a drug-free employee.


We know our reputation depends on providing our job partners with dependable employees. We drive each participant to and from work every day so reliable transportation is never an issue. Our guys are on time, every time.


We prepare our guys for employment through a variety of certification programs, such as NCCER, OSHA 10, Aerial Lift and more. With a basic understanding of the construction industry, they are ready and eager to start their career.

Current Standing Strong Job Partners

For more information about being a Standing Strong Job Partner, please email Chan.