How It Works


Men live on campus during our 6-8 month program. We’re involved in their daily lives, and create a safe, supportive environment for them to live and learn.

life skills

We train men on essential life skills, including financial literacy, work readiness, and Bible study. We also organize service projects and adventure outings.


Men get the vocational training they need to start a new career, with an opportunity for full-time employment and a steady paycheck after completion of the 40 Day Challenge.


We support men as they work toward saving an emergency fund and buying a car with cash, so they’re on on their way to financial independence.


tryouts: mental toughness week

To apply for the program, participants must complete a week of physical and mental conditioning we call “Mental Toughness Week.” Men are put to the test with a series of challenges that will push them outside of their comfort zones and test their character under pressure.


40-day challenge

During the 40-Day Challenge, men spend time in the 4:13 Strong classroom each day, where they participate in financial literacy, work readiness and construction skills training classes, as well as Bible study. The men visit multiple job sites, and earn three construction-industry certifications. Every weekend during the 40-Day Challenge, men participate in a service project or adventure outing.


get to work

Equipped with the right job skills and certifications, all men completing the 40-Day Challenge find full-time employment. With a steady paycheck and a new mindset, the men work toward buying a car with cash and saving an emergency fund. The process gives them the confidence to clearly see the path to standing on their own two feet.



To successfully complete the program, men must have:

  • 4 months of continuous employment
  • Court fees and fines paid off
  • Driver’s license acquired or reinstated
  • Car and insurance purchased with cash
  • $1,500 emergency fund saved

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