Building Strong Men and Families in Nashville.

4:13 Strong’s intensive residential program provides life-skills training, construction industry certifications and Bible studies to equip men with the knowledge they need to transform their lives. No matter what their past circumstances are, we provide each man with the tools he needs to start a career and gain financial independence.


How It Works

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Participants must complete a week of physical and mental conditioning we call “Mental Toughness Week.” Men are put to the test with a series of challenges that will push them outside of their comfort zones and test their character under pressure. This week includes:

  • Physical training
  • Team-building exercises
  • Poem memorization
  • One-on-one interview


During the 40-Day Challenge, men spend time in the 4:13 Strong classroom each day, where they participate in financial literacy, work readiness and construction skills training classes, as well as Bible study. The men visit multiple job sites, and earn three construction-industry certifications. Every weekend during the 40-Day Challenge, men participate in a service project or adventure outing.

  • What is the housing situation on campus?

    Men live in dorm-style housing. We provide food, transportation, and share the responsibility of chores and cooking. Every weekend, they’’ll participate in a service project or adventure outing.

  • How long will the participant be involved in the program?

    Our program last 6 months. We typically see guys live on campus for 6-8 months. Once they have completed all program requirements they will graduate.

  • Are there visitation days when I can come?

    There aren’t currently any specific visitation days in our program. We truly believe 4:13 Strong offers a fresh start, and that begins with removing these men from their comfort zones. We do have several events family members can attend to support the men in the program like Signing Day and Graduation.


Equipped with the right job skills and certifications, all men completing the 40-Day Challenge find full-time employment. With a steady paycheck and a new mindset, the men work toward buying a car with cash and saving an emergency fund. The process gives them the confidence to clearly see the path to standing on their own two feet.

“I could be the one to show my cousins and sisters that there is more to do than street stuff – that there is more than barely making it by. I want to be the one who breaks that cycle and changes it for generations down – I want to be that person.”

Ronald, 4:13 Strong Participant

Why 4:13 Strong?


Men are taught a trade and earn three construction industry certifications, NCCER, OSHA, Forklift. This training — combined with their motivation — is the key to real income.


Men find full-time employment in only eight weeks and start earning a steady paycheck.


We give men a safe place for a fresh start and provide housing, food, transportation and mentoring.

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