A Year of Transformation

The holiday season always reminds us of the importance of community, faith, and family. With each passing week at 4:13 Strong, we’ve seen our guys’ attitudes shift from hopeless to hopeful and their confidence grow and give them the momentum they need to change their lives forever.

This year we wanted to give them a chance to tell us what they are thankful for.

What I’m Thankful For | Anthony Loritts

What I’m Thankful For | Deamontay Taylor

Looking Back on 2018

2018 has been a year of transformation. We had 76 men come out to compete for a spot in one of our classes. We accepted 40 of those men into the program. 33 of those men completed the training portion of the program and received full-time employment. This month, we celebrated the first ever class to have a 100% graduation rate – every man that was accepted into the July 2018 class completed all program requirements! God has truly blessed 4:13 Strong and each man who has entered our program this year. We are so thankful for his continued faithfulness and your support.

Highlights from 2018

4:13 Strong Yoga
Stepping outside our comfort zones to give yoga a try, our guys were excited for the chance to unwind and learn something new.


Mayor Briley Visit at 4:13 Strong
We were honored to have Mayor David Briley visit the 4:13 Strong campus! He encouraged the guys and even cooked and served dinner.


4:13 Strong Classroom
Our training program provides a strong foundation in Christ and gives guys practical skills to get employment.


Fred Settles original song, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.”

Your support makes this kind of transformation possible.

Whether you are a Job Partner, Corporate Sponsor, donor , or volunteer, you play a critical role in making the 4:13 Strong program work. The transition into the work world and a new way of life is not an easy one for the 4:13 Strong guys, but your support makes it possible.

We are so thankful for you and the passion you have for seeing our guys succeed. Partner with us as we pray for the men who just graduated from our program and those coming to 4:13 Strong in 2019.