All Things Are Possible

Peter was 25 when he enrolled in 4:13 Strong.  He grew up without very much stability.  He was homeless during much of his childhood, sometimes not even going to school.  Following a series of bad decisions in his 20s, Peter ended up walking for 15 straight days—over 180 miles—to get to Nashville where he found the Nashville Rescue Mission.  It was there when he heard about 4:13 Strong.  He was not familiar with the reference to Philippians 4:13, but heard positive reviews about the program and took a chance.

On July 17, 2021 Peter entered Mental Toughness Week.  On October 18, 2021 he began working as a plumber with Merrymann-Farr, a job he still has as of July, 2022.  Peter lives in graduate housing on the campus of 4:13 Strong and recognizes the lift that 4:13 Strong has been able to play in his life.  During his 40 Day Challenge, Peter built relationships with a new group of friends who were as determined as he was to become successful.  He became healthier—losing over 40 pounds and growing in his physical stamina and strength.  He picked up habits that he wished he had been exposed to as a child.  He loved the Saturday community service and adventure outings, and thrived on a campus where men showed him kindness and patience. Most of all, Peter felt like he belonged in a community where he was surrounded by men who cared about him—mentors like Howard and George.  As of this writing (July, 2022), Peter is debt-free, has a stable job, has an emergency fund, and is living independently.  According to Peter, “if you provide a man with stability, a supportive network, and an opportunity, there is nothing he can’t do”.  4:13 Strong is proud to be a part of Peter’s life and gives praise to a God for whom, and in whom, all things are possible.