Building Hope

Marc is in his mid-twenties, has three children, and is in the 40 Day Challenge Phase at  4:13 Strong. He soaks up every opportunity to learn and grow…and last Friday’s “lunch and learn” was no exception.  Our guest, Law Enforcement Officer Steve Sakarapanee, shared about becoming a teenage father, being married for 18 months, then getting a divorce from his wife and not having custody.  Reeling from a devastating experience, Officer Sakarapanee shared about how God pursued him and drew him back into a relationship.  He shared how he showed up to his son’s dedication at church, reconnected with his ex-wife, joined in a Sunday School, remarried his ex-wife, and they have been together for over 30 years.

Marc released a huge smile and said “I have hope now….I want to get married”.   4:13 Strong helps create those spaces where hope overflows.  It happens through hearing each other’s stories, through the stories and presence of our volunteers, and through the consistency and compassion of 4:13 Strong’s staff and partners.  We are thankful for the support of a generous community and encouraged by the ways that God uses people to foster hope.