Business as Usual

Business as usual…that’s what many of us are longing to return to since COVID-19 has completely disrupted daily activities and typical summer plans. But here at 4:13 Strong, this season has reminded us that we are in the business of disruption. We exist to disrupt the cycles of poverty, crime, and dependency that our men and their families have been burdened by. We exist to replace those patterns with progress towards fulfilling individual potentials and establishing paths to prosperous futures.

That being said, there are still moments from “the usual”  we miss. We have just accepted a brand new class of 7 men and are looking forward to encouraging their journeys at 4:13 Strong and beyond. One of the things these men need most is fellowship and encouragement to stay the course. With the necessary social distancing practices in place, it has become difficult for our volunteers to join us on campus to spend time with our guys over a meal or game night, which are some of the highlights of every week.

In essence, we miss you! The 4:13 Strong Community is what makes this program work. We look forward to the moments when we can come together and celebrate our guys’ progress worry-free once again.

Until then, we still have guys that need to eat! If you are willing and able (with a mask at the ready), sign up to provide a meal on an upcoming Thursday night for our guys.

Please let us know if there are other ways you’d like to provide support or encouragement during this season. We appreciate help in any and all forms from our 4:13 Strong Community!