Expanding our Comfort Zones

At 4:13 Strong, we keep the guys busy every day of the week. Monday through Friday is filled with early morning workouts, afternoons are spent in the classroom preparing for employment, and evenings are filled by group fellowship and personal growth sessions.

But we don’t stop there…

We fill the weekends with outdoor adventures, service projects, and church services. Every 4:13 Strong class, activity, and experience is designed to continuously stretch the comfort zones of our guys. When we stretch our comfort zones, we expand what we believe is possible for ourselves. Therefore, we expand our own potential. This is the purpose of 4:13 Strong: expanding comfort zones, revealing increased potential, and providing the opportunities and resources for each of our guys to meet that newfound potential.

Expanding our own potential

This Adventure Saturday, our guys went white water rafting. A few weeks ago, some of the guys expressed disinterest and hesitancy in spending the day on the water, but now they’ve added white water rafting to their list of new and good experiences.

When we ask our men to wake up at 5am for morning workouts or save $1,500 emergency fund, they approach those goals with the same hesitancy. For many of them, it is a daunting challenge simply because they have never done it before. However, when we remind them they had never been canoeing, or caving, or white water rafting before and those new experiences also seemed daunting at the time, they are reminded with every new challenge comes an opportunity to expand their potential and increase their opportunities. Each new accomplishment creates a template for overcoming the next challenge.

What have you done to expand your comfort zone lately?