Felton’s Success Story

Felton Success Story

Felton felt like he was a part of the devil’s plan. He grew up in Nashville, graduated from high school, and got a steady job with FedEx to support his two daughters.

Everything was going well until people in his life began to disappear to violence. When Felton lost his family and friends, he also lost hope. It wasn’t long until he found himself involved with gangs, shootings and eventually behind bars with no way to support his family.

In prison, Felton thought about the choices he made and the future he wanted his little girls to have. He knew he needed to change, but wasn’t sure how. After his release, he heard about 4:13 Strong from a friend who had also lost a loved one. Using money his dad gave him, he took the bus to meetings and enrolled after passing interviews and “Mental Toughness Week.”

4:13 Strong gave Felton the tough love he needed to turn his life around. Now a graduate of the program, he has a steady job and cares for his two daughters. He smiles a little bit more now and says he can see God working through him by the simple fact that he’s still here.

“I’m in good health and my kids are, too,” says Felton. “Even though the door might be cracked just a little bit, it’s still a little bit of sunshine.”