Little Victories

Johnny enrolled in 4:13 Strong in March, 2021.  He was looking for a fresh start.  He had been hospitalized for several months due to illness resulting from chemical addiction.  He had worked in various fast food and temporary jobs and 4:13 Strong gave him a chance for a more stable career and a supportive environment.

In September, 2021 Johnny graduated from 4:13 Strong having purchased with cash a motorcycle, having saved an emergency fund, and having spent four months of consecutive employment with the Lee Company.  Following graduation, Johnny transitioned into graduate housing.

In July, 2022, Johnny continues to live in graduate housing and now works as a service technician at Pool and Spa Depot.  He drives a company truck and has a savings account with an emergency fund.  4:13 Strong provided a community of support that allowed Johnny the safety net to work hard, move through mistakes, and gain a footing that he continues to build on.  With this safety net of support, Johnny has been able to reconnect with family, regain his health, and move forward into a hopeful future. 4:13 Strong is thankful for men like Johnny who “trust the process” and for the support of so many generous volunteers and donors who help make up a safe and steady community.