a Four-Part Series

Episode 1: The Choice

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Making the decision to join 4:13 Strong isn’t the hardest part, not giving up when it gets tough is. See what it takes for men to choose to push past the pain for a second chance at a better future.

Episode 2: The Class

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It’s the end of Mental Toughness Week and tryout participants face their final test. Class selections are announced and bonds are built. Now, the real work begins.

Episode 3: The Chance

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“Leave what you know behind”… the men begin to dig into what it means to be a man of character inside and outside the classroom. Will they have what it takes?

Episode 4: The Challenge

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The 4:13 Strong class encounters their toughest challenges as Signing Day approaches. In the final episode, the class is faced with early goodbyes, another chance, and a start to the next chapter of their story.

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