Faqs about the program

  • How do I know if the program is right for me?

    If you are ready to put in the work it takes to make a lasting change, then 4:13 Strong is the program for you. We offer each man a second chance to overcome his past and build a better future, but it only works if you trust the process. We can answer any questions you have and let you know what to expect. Just complete an interest form or contact us and we’ll be in touch.

  • Can I come and visit the campus and meet the staff before?

    We welcome you to come visit our campus and meet the staff. This is a great way for you to see what 4:13 Strong is really like. Please complete an interest form or contact our recruiting coordinator.

  • How do I get into the program?

    Complete an interest form and show up to Mental Toughness week. Check the event calendar for the next upcoming Mental Toughness Week. To be considered for a spot in 4:13 Strong, you must participate in Mental Toughness Week.

  • Who do you accept into the program?

    We accept men ages 18-30 who come to our Mental Toughness week and demonstrate the effort and attitude that will be needed to complete the 4:13 Strong program.

  • Is a GED or high school diploma required to be a part of the program?

    No, it is not a requirement to have a GED or high school diploma.

  • Do you have a formal application process?

    No, there is not a formal application process. Any man who is interested in the 4:13 Strong program should complete an interest form and must participate in our week-long evaluation called Mental Toughness Week. This week is designed to provide insights to how applicants react under pressure through a series of physical exercises, group activities and an interview.

  • What time should I show up for Mental Toughness?

    Each day of Mental Toughness Week starts at 8:00am sharp. We recommend that every man arrive by 7:45am, so he is ready to go. We typically wrap up around 3:00pm each afternoon.

  • When will I know if I’m in the program and get to move in?

    By Friday of Mental Toughness week we will make our determination of who is accepted into the class. If accepted, you will move in that Sunday and will be on our campus for the next 6-8 months.

  • How long does the program last?

    Our program is divided into three phases: the 40-Day Challenge, Get to Work, Graduation. Most men graduate from the program in 6 to 8 months.

    • Mental Toughness Week lasts 5 days, Monday through Friday. This is our version of tryouts, and it’s how you demonstrate your commitment to the program.
    • If you’re accepted, the 40-Day Challenge begins the following week when you move onto our campus. For six weeks, you participate in classes, workouts, and adventures that will build the skills and character you need to succeed.
    • The next step is to Get to Work. Most men in the program have a full-time job at about 8 weeks from the time they joined. While working, you’ll continue to live on campus and work toward saving money for an emergency fund and car.
    • After you’ve met the requirements of the program, you’ll be eligible for graduation, typically after about 6-8  months.
  • How many classes are there per year?

    There are four classes per year. Each class can enroll during January, March, May or July.

  • How many guys are in each class?

    On average, there are about 15 guys in each class.

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