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Business as Usual

Business as usual…that’s what many of us are longing to return to since COVID-19 has completely disrupted daily activities and typical summer plans. But here at 4:13 Strong, this season

Isaiah James

Isiah’s Story

Isiah James grew up in a rough neighborhood where drugs and gangs were a part of everyday life. As a young adult, Isiah turned to selling drugs to make money

Cedric Success Story

Cedric’s Story

Losing his mother to violence at seven, Cedric fled to the streets of New Orleans looking for answers. He found himself in a cell at the age of 10 wondering where God was and why this was happening.

Lamar’s Story

At 31 years old, Lamar was a newly free man at a dead-end. He had spent six of the previous seven years behind bars. He couldn’t remember how to live life outside. He had almost decided that he belonged in jail. Almost.