StorIes of Strength

Keep up with the latest from 4:13 Strong and get to know the men building a bright future for themselves, their families, and our community.

Posts about Alumni Success Stories

A Conversation with Lamar

  Spontaneously, we added a “conversation with Lamar” to the Day #3 of Mental Toughness Week schedule.  Lamar happened to be working in the neighborhood and stopped by to check in

Celebrating Samuel

Meet Samuel and Olianada. Samuel, a 4:13 Strong graduate, stopped by the campus a few weeks ago to share some good news. He’s married! It’s not every day at 4:13

4:13 Strong Guys On Weekend Adventure

A Year of Transformation

The holiday season always reminds us of the importance of community, faith, and family. With each passing week at 4:13 Strong, we’ve seen our guys’ attitudes shift from hopeless to

4:13 Strong men working in construction.

4:13 Strong Featured On WKRN

Second chances, God’s grace, unlimited possibilities… we are so excited and thankful for WKRN and Anne Holt’s feature story on the work we do at 4:13 Strong. God is doing

Devin’s Story

Meet Devin, a young man who had every opportunity in front of him but found himself walking down the wrong path. After having his son, he knew things had to

Isaiah James

Isiah’s Story

Isiah James grew up in a rough neighborhood where drugs and gangs were a part of everyday life. As a young adult, Isiah turned to selling drugs to make money

Cedric Success Story

Cedric’s Story

Losing his mother to violence at seven, Cedric fled to the streets of New Orleans looking for answers. He found himself in a cell at the age of 10 wondering where God was and why this was happening.