StorIes of Strength

Keep up with the latest from 4:13 Strong and get to know the men building a bright future for themselves, their families, and our community.

12 Days of Christmas Deals

On the first day of Christmas my friends gave to me… a gift from 4:13!  Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas season? Give our 4:13 Strong swag a try.

New Class at Golf Tournament

4:13 Strong Golf Classic 2020

Last Friday, 4:13 Strong gathered with job partners and community members for the annual 4:13 Strong Golf Tournament. In a year that has limited our ability to meet in our

Our Secret to Success

We are blessed to have over 18 job partners in Middle Tennessee, who play the essential role of employing our men after they receive training and certifications through the 4:13

Expanding our Comfort Zones

At 4:13 Strong, we keep the guys busy every day of the week. Monday through Friday is filled with early morning workouts, afternoons are spent in the classroom preparing for

Business as Usual

Business as usual…that’s what many of us are longing to return to since COVID-19 has completely disrupted daily activities and typical summer plans. But here at 4:13 Strong, this season

Celebrating Samuel

Meet Samuel and Olianada. Samuel, a 4:13 Strong graduate, stopped by the campus a few weeks ago to share some good news. He’s married! It’s not every day at 4:13